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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

November 28, 2005

I finally got up enough courage to enter the Quilting Arts Face Challenge contest and today I got the dreaded brown envelope back with my face and my first rejection letter. The letter was very nice but my inner hurt was still there no matter how nice the words...after all I had put myself out there and there were people who had viewed it and not only didn't like it but they were in turn not liking me. I decided to frame it...and pasted the rejection note on the back...it was my way of saying I don't care if YOU didn't like it...or me, but it really doesn't matter because I like myself.

This was the text that accompanied my face entry:

When I look in the mirror every morning I see an aging woman with wrinkles, blotchy yellowish/ reddish skin, thinning hair that hasn’t had a good hair day in years. I see someone who has lots of things they want to accomplish but is being pulled in all directions by other demands throughout her day. I see someone who hates to throw away scraps and likes to recycle failed projects. But best of all I see someone content and happy with her life in retirement.


At 5:16 PM, Blogger Rayna said...

This is a wonderful, whimsical piece and it is good that you entered it, even though it was not selected THIS TIME. Keep at it and keep entering. I've had work not accepted into Quilt National and then juried into Art Quilts at the Sedgwick. I suspect, knowing Pokey, that they were deluged with billions of entries and had a really hard time choosing. You did not go wrong anywhere - keep up the good work.

At 8:39 PM, Blogger Cay Denise said...

I'd like to echo what I read in Rayna's post above. I also sent in a submission to Quilting Arts and received the same letter you did (at least I assume the letters are the same). I felt disappointed/discouraged as well because I thought mine was a good piece of work too. So, I posted a photo of it on my blog and got some good feedback...which helped. Then I decided I wasn't going to feel bad about it because I like the work, and I'm the most important person to please! I agree your piece is whimsical, and I'd also encourage you to keep submitting your work to get it out there and to get more comfortable with rejection as it seems to happen to everyone on the QA list at one time or another. Also, as for the person(s) that apparently said or wrote something that was unkind after seeing your self-portrait work, it is unfortunate there are people who do not care (or do not recognize) how they hurt others by what they say or suggest. But don't let such opinionated people stop you from doing what's true for you...that person's opinion is just one more opinion among the masses of them.

At 8:40 PM, Blogger Cay Denise said...

By the way, congratulations on starting your blog!

At 10:48 AM, Blogger jenclair said...

Seems very "Lewis Carroll" to me! Humor and eccentricity - love it.

At 9:09 PM, Blogger Desiree said...

Don't give up, keep entering it. Whats so wonderful about art quilts is the fact that they are a personal extention of us. Not everyone knows what to do with us artists' anyway. I am not always liked at first glance but I know there is something underneath that makes me a winner, so I keep trying. Your quilt is wonderful, and each one is a growth opportunity. I know the disappointment your feeling, but you will have your day when you go to the mailbox and you open your first acceptance letter. I love your honesty and enjoy your blog. Visit me sometime www.ibeartsyfartsy.blogspot.com

At 12:25 PM, Blogger creativechick said...

Hey Ann,
I have lots of rejection letters. I keep them so one day I can paper my bathroom with them. :) I have finally accepted that being juried into any show is just people's taste and opinions. I know it does hurt your feelings, but it give you a tough skin. Keep on creating and loving what you do.
SuSan :)


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