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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Fun for the Fallen

I have been able to release a lot of stored up stress with my piece Fallen Painter. I have had fun trying out new things on the machine and new techniques that I have read about in Quilting Arts. Today will finish it up and then am going to try Melody's J. pillowcase binding technique...will go back and reread that section of her blog so that I fully understand it...since there will be a wee bit of beading will do the beading before doing the closing. Everytime I shut my eyes and think really hard I can see our painter on the ground all twisted up looking up at me with a kind of shocked look on his face. It is not a very comfortable view or memory...think my little quilt will change that image both for him and me...and since there were no major hurt done...it seems like a perfect way to record that moment in time. Will share as soon as complete...Hope everyone has a creative day today.


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