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Friday, December 23, 2005

Guilt is a bad thing!

Guilt is a really bad thing. I told my husband the reason I put the quilt up was because I needed it off the bedroom floor as the painter was going in and out to the porch painting and might step on it or even worse spill paint on it. It was a fib, of course as you all well know. He spoke to the painter and he and his helper stayed late yesterday to finish that porch...so this morning what could I do but pull out the quilt and start again. Even the painter took an interest and came up to see the quilt this morning. He also told me he got into trouble with his wife because he was late in picking her up at work yesterday...so now my guilt is really deep. What is my point, you ask? The #%& quilt is back in the sewing room...bias edges and all...and I am sewing on it!


At 9:35 AM, Blogger Pam Rappaport said...

LOLROF...you are such an easy guilt trip. I wouldn't have mentioned it until he did, and if he did my response would have been something like "lalalala I can't hear you lalalala". Merry Christmas to you, Larry, the painter and the star quilt.


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