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Friday, December 09, 2005

Lots of Pretty Threads

Bobbin Work Woes
Have the new machine. Have an extra bobbin case. Have beautiful yarns and threads. Wanna do bobbin work. It just isn't working.

The directions say to not thread through the tension guide on the bobbin...to place your special bobbin thread so that it feeds from the top opening slit of the bobbin case. I did all of this...but it still doesn't work...the bobbin thread just doesn't seem to catch so therefore I am not creating any stitches at all. Have been trying to do this for the last 90 minutes! My frustration level is very high right now.

So if anyone out there ever reads this plea...can you direct me to a site that gives directions...or a book or article that explains this? Or better yet can you tell me what I might be doing wrong?


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