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Sunday, December 11, 2005

My First Full Size Quilt

I am making my first real bed quilt. It is a queen size quilt. ( I usually only make lap size quilts. I had to make 300 scrappy triangles, which in turn will make 25 scrappy stars. It took me about two weeks to make all of the star points and believe it or not 300 star points are a lot of star points! Then I had to lay everything out on my bed to make sure that I had made enough stars to cover the bed and still have an overhang on the bed. I think I have enough but will likely need more after sewing, as those 1/4 inch seams to add up.

Next came the hard part...(which I am still doing, in fact spent all of today sewing) putting the stars together so that there are no star points that are just alike. Each star is made up of 12 triangles so that means that I have to keep 12 triangles straight and not choose colors that are alike. I have piles of stars on the sewing table to choose from. It would be mindless sewing if I didn't have to worry about the colors and keeping the fabric patterns straight. My goal is to have the quilt pieced and ready to go to my long arm quilter by next weekend. She has already expressed her feelings about the center of each star block where six triangles come together. She tells me that she will try to avoid having to sew over them as they are rather lumpy. Will post a finished picture of my quilt (minus the quilting)hopefully by the weekend.


At 8:13 PM, Blogger Karoda said...

I have the beginnings of a bed quilt languishing in my closet...I started with a notion but the notion passed before I could complete it :/


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