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Thursday, December 08, 2005

My New Best Friend

As you know I just got the Bernina 640 and of course I had to check out all of the feet that are available for it....and there are oodles of course. I had heard about Foot 55, a leather foot with a wheel that was being used with quilting...it is a wonderful foot, as the needle is in full view, without any metal foot support in the way. There is a little wheel on the left of the foot that rolls along providing pressure and control of the fabric. It now occupies it's own little grove in my Accessory Box. So far I have only played with it...making curves, following a pattern, retracing stitching, etc., and each and every time it has not failed to perform. If you have a Bernina ...I would suggest that the next time you are at your dealer's shop, you give it a test run. I'm not a dealer trying to sell you anything...just sharing a foot that I have added to my Best Friends' List. If Foot 55 information had not been shared with me, from a fellow Art Quilter, I would have ignored this foot...because I don't Sew on Leather!


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