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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Say YES to Glue

Today after viewing a new watercolors tape...I took some waterdowned YES glue and coated a piece of fabric. While it was still damp...I dropped some watercolors paint on it and watched the colors swirl around...I let it get "damp dry". Then I ironed it dry. The piece of fabric was just like paper...The colors were vibrant. I was able to trace templates onto the back and cut them out. There were no frayed edges or hanging threads. When I free motioned the pieces down on a scrap fabric...It sewed like a dream...No frayed edge ...I think I will continue to play and experiment with the YES glue using some fabric paint.....YES glue when dry does not repel the paint in watercolors paintings and it also doesn't repel the paint on fabric. I can see all kinds of possibilities. This YES glue is amazing stuff. Will keep a list of my YES discoveries and will post at a later time.


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