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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

That #%$ Quilt

I'm very tired of the star quilt...very tired. I hate to admit this but I think I am going to box it up for awhile...I need a change...I need to create! Sewing points together that are on the bias is not creating..it is mind damaging. I am sure my hubby will not understand and will think...another UFO going in the closet...but he is wrong...it is only going to be closet bound until after the holidays and then I will pull it out again and start it all over.

I had a very exciting Monday...our painter took a fall off his ladder and landed on the ground...had to call 911...he is a "big boy", medics words not mine....and he survived with only bruises...he was only one story up...my house is three stories, so it could have been worse. I was a useless individual yesterday...I sewed rather unsewed a piece about 4 times and those bias edges will never be the same...I kept seeing him looking up at me...as I looked down at him from the porch. I'm too old for this kind of excitement. Even dreamed about it last night.

I think some practice freemotion quilting (Melody J.'s style) is today's plan with some playing around with bobbin work is just what I need...might even pull out my watercolors...painting always soothes my soul. I guess this day will pass without any true accomplishments...just body and mind unwinding ( which isn't a bad thing.)


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