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Monday, January 09, 2006

Application Day

Today was the day that I got to apply for Social Security. Since I am a "leap year baby", born on the 29th of February I fall into their fourth cycle of payment. Also because I am born on the last day of the month (that is, when it comes around every 4 years)...I have to be 62 for a whole month before I am eligible. (March has 31 days) so because of that fourth cycle, I get my check on the 4th Wed. of April. I am not only 62 for 1 month but 62 for 57 days before I get that check. I asked if I got any interest for the extra days but the lady only laughed at me!

My husband just looked over my shoulder at my screen and said..."Now everyone will know your true age."

I replied, "Yea, they will all know that I am only 15 and half years old and that I lied when I said I was a 60ish retired teacher."


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