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Monday, February 13, 2006

Be Careful What You Ask For

My Hubby eats breakfast at a small little restaurant 4 times a week. They have three waitresses in the AM shift that are known for their sassy talk and their picking on the customers. No conversation is off limits with them. They will sing, dance and sometimes let go with a joke that will turn your face red. There are many regulars that eat breakfast there daily, but sometimes a snowbird or a tourist will wander in and get their special "greeting" and it is fun to watch their face reactions...because it certainly isn't a "How are you today?" greeting. Then the whole place breaks out laughing and the new guest (or victim) usually smiles and slinks off to a booth.

My Hubby asked me to make three valentine postcards so that he could give them to the ladies on his Monday morning visit. I needed something to do this morning so I created three valentines....am not sure they are what he had in mind...but when I think Valentine I think mushy and sweet...he can always write some crabby message on the back.


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