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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

My hubby gave me a great card and a Tracey Chapman Cd...I now own all of her CDs. (For those that know me...if Bo had another new CD out my hubby would have sprung for that one too...he understands my devotion and lust for that man!)

I also got my first lesson from Joggles.com, a class with Susan Sorell. Her web site is listed below.


The class is a six week class and is one that is worked with yarns/ threads/ and fancy stitches on a 7 X 7 square.....since I am not a small worker am going to increase my size to about a 9 X 9...will need more stitches to cover the work (might be sorry about this change in the long run)...but this larger size will fit my comfort zone.

It is cold in Florida this morning...true we have no snow...lots of sunshine and just looking out the window you would think suntan weather...but it is cold out there...a great day to stay in the sewing room and play. Hope everyone enjoys their love ones today and has a great day.


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