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Friday, February 10, 2006


My weekend goal is to go throught my three rolling carts of fabric and get rid of those fabrics that no matter how long I keep them, I will never use. If I start to hesitate because I start, to "think" about keeping the whole piece...I plan to tear me off a fat quarter and put the rest in the plastic garbage bag. I found a church group that is making small lap quilts to give away...so the fabric will go to a good cause. Over the last 6 years ...my fabric taste have gone from one end of the spectrum to another...now I want textured type fabrics...bold fabrics...so cleaning out the stash...gives me the opportunity to start rebuilding.

My husband has agreed to make me a small working table that will be built over some plastic shelfing drawer units that can be rolled from one area of my small sewing room to another. I finally have arranged my four sewing machines so that I have four areas that are really working...embroidery... Embellishing.. freemotion... and regular sewing. I am hoping by sunset Sunday night, the sewing room will be in it's final arrangement...and I will be satisfied and happy with the arrangement.

Perhaps with everything in order...I will be free amd more able to concentrate on making something instead of finding something!


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