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Monday, March 27, 2006

This Week's Journey

This week I am going to finish up my piece from my online Joggle class. Have been so busy doing postcards that I didn't do all of my homework....in fact all I have done, and I hope Susan our teacher doesn't read my blog, is the cutting and sewing of the background piece. If in real school am sure that this oversight on my part would have gotten me a few detentions, but thanks to the internet online classes we can work through the lessons at our own pace. And my pace is S----L----O-----W!

Also some food for thought: Why is it that life doesn't play fair, and our good friends have to move away, at my old age, remember I get my first SS check at the end of next month, good friends are a true blessing and it is a real lost both physically and mentally to see one of them move away...enough of my food for thought.


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