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Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Back- Stepping Blogger

Said I was done with postcards. Was disappointed, discouraged and unhappy with many that I had received. But then.......

I heard about another postcard swap...where the swappers followed rules, and made and sent only postcards that they would like to receive. The swaps are limited to 3-5 people....you have over a month...sometimes two to complete the swap...the goal is to create a unique card...a small piece of art...not a mass produced bunch of cards. I am having a hard time limiting myself...the themes are unique and interesting and each and everyone is pulling on my typing hand saying sign-up Ann. So far I have been good...only participating in two...have completed the following two cards...I decided to go into all hand-made mode...hand painted fabric, drawings, painting, etc. My Embellisher which makes card making easy is on vacation for a while...there will be no pounding of yarns, ribbons or trims on these cards...I am going to do them the old fashion way...

Card 1

The second card has not had the edges stitched and it also hasn't had beads other than the eye sewn on...it also is missing the glitter medium like card 1 has. But you can see that the colors are brighter ...card 1 had a grainer texture where card 2 the threads are smoother. Another thing that I did differently with card 2... I ironed my fabric on freezer paper before drawing and painting the fish...not sure if that has anything to do with the difference in the colors...on card number 3 I will know for sure if the freezer paper makes the difference or not. I do like the brightness of card number 2 over card number 1. I also might not go so heavy on the glitter glaze medium on card 2.

Card 2


At 11:43 AM, Blogger Pam Rappaport said...

Both of these cards are fabulous and I'd be thrilled to receive either one. You're such and artist!


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