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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hubby gets an A

Hubby went to the dermatologist today to get zapped...you know all those strange little growths that start appearing all over your body as you get older....and because he loves me...he brought me two pieces of fabric as a surprise...he stopped by WalMart and picked them out....thought I could use them on some of the postcards I am making...they were both fish fabrics....the man knows I love fish. He also got me a box of Kentucky Fried Popcorn Chicken (one of my favorite treats)....after almost 40 years...these little surprises are much more valuable to me than any big old diamond ....it shows that I am deep in his heart and in his thoughts. Sometimes men can really surprise you!


At 7:26 PM, Blogger theangryswede said...

Yo loser - Anyone who brags about a gift box of KFC fried chicken bits - and quilts as a hobby - must live in a trailer. "Sometimes men can really surprise you"??!!?! I guess you feel blessed that instead of giving you that fine culinary gift, he didn't come home wasted with some cheesey gift from Wal-Mart. Oh wait....

Love and Kisses, Charlie the Dead Cat


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