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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Well I have now completed my Susan Sorrell online class that was on Joggles.com. It was all sewn by hand and covered a six week period...a lesson a week. It was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. Many time I was tempted to sit down at the sewing machine and turn it on. But truthfully I believe using a sewing machine might take way from the folk charm of the piece. I also discovered that you use up a lot of embroidery floss doing a small piece like this (7 X7) because you are using three and sometimes 6 strands of thread. I wish that I had learned to use a thimble before in my sewing life, because your "pushing finger" really takes a beating from the end of the needle. Would I make another one? Probably yes, with a few changes...would incorporate the use of a sewing machine and also use a very thin batting, I mean very thin...as there is a lot of thread built up on the back of the piece. In fact the piece becomes very thick and almost "cardboard-ee".

The jest of the lesson was to take a saying or a quote and turn it into a little piece of art. My saying was "putting lipstick on the pig." (It means taking a situation or something that you aren't really happy or pleased with, and putting on a good "face" about it.


At 9:21 PM, Blogger theangryswede said...

So I hear you miss me. Well, I just have to ask if "Lipstick on the pig" is a metaphor for the artwork itself? Of course, I could pick on the mermaid quilt (or whatever it is), but why pick on such an easy target? C'mon, can't you get back to some water colors? Happy Palm Sunday - Charlie, the dead cat...


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