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Monday, May 29, 2006


Just completed an Open Theme Postcard Swap...thought that having a no theme - do your own thing swap- would be really easy. It turned out to be harder...I found my self jumping from idea to idea..and then ending up going back to ideas that I had already used in past swaps. My creative juices just weren't flowing....my goal was to complete the swaps before their June deadline...as I will have my two grand daughters with me for the month of June....and really don't plan on being able to play postcards as much as I would like while they are with me. They are really beach bums, and so there will be many days of just sitting on the beach in the warm Florida sun watching kids scream, splash and catch little crabs. Feel for me. (GRIN)

This is one of my fish cards, background fabric was created using a rubbing plates, used my Embellisher to create the rocks by the plant and repainted the fish from a preprinted fish panel.

This is a stamped card that the wings of the butterfly were stamped on colored areas of pictures from a magazine and then were attached with sealant to the card. The background fabric was created with watercolor crayons and Shiva sticks using a rubbing plate. (I do like those rubbing plates!)

This card is another stencil that I cut...you will notice the women are a little thinner. I stenciled them with Shiva Sticks. The background fabric is done with watercolor crayons and regular old fashion wax crayons. The waves were made with white puffy paint.


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