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Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Christmas Lap Quilt

Have been busy so thought I would do a small update...my friend Bette showed me away to do a simple scrap quilt so that you quilt it as you go...to me the the hardest part was getting all the batting and the background fabrics cut...the strips are easy as you just rip those as you go. The idea of a finish quilt with "mindless sewing" really got my attention. I had a box of Christmas fabric left over from making each of my grand girls a Christmas quilt so I decided that I would use that and make a lap quilt. I started it a week and a half ago and will have it completed by tomorrow. I have decided that even thought it is an utility scrap quilt...nothing really special...I kept thinking about my friend with breast cancer through out the sewing progress..she just kept popping into my thoughts as I sewed...so instead of one of her fabric postcards that she gets once a week from me...next week she will get this Christmas Scrap Quilt. This Christmas might not be a "one to remember for her", but her future Christmas will be...so my scrap quilt will carry a message to remind her of that. Will post a photo of the finish quilt before mailing.

My cat Rufus as a recent new addition to our house, didn't understand that I use the wooden floor in the master bedroom as my design wall when making a scrap quilt...so as I laid out my 6 inch squares in a pattern that I liked, he would wait until I was almost done and then do a flying dive into the squares scattering them everywhere...then sit there as if he had done a fine thing. So even Rufus is helping on this project.

Will post a photo when the quilt is complete.


At 1:59 PM, Blogger Helen in the UK said...

Sounds like Rufus thinks you have created a fun new game for him! Bet he appreciates snuggling on finished quilts though :)


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