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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Haven't been blogging lately...really haven't been doing very much at all other than nursing a "sick" back. I am looking forward to an art quilt retreat called Focus on Fabric that I will be going to for a week on March 12th. I will finally get to meet and hopefully sit by Pamela Allen from Canada. I love her work.

There will be over 40 folks at the retreat...many of them are hookers. (the rug kind) who dye their own yarns and design their rugs from scratch. The rest of us are art quilters. There are no phones or TV's (I will have Soap and Idol withdrawal) but know I can survive for a week...especially since I will be hanging out with some really talented folks. Have been training Rufus my cat to take notes on all the TV action.

Am taking the video camera and also my digital camera so will post photos on the blog when I return. I am really excited about going. This is my first time doing something like this. It is my birthday present to myself. Will share all when I return!!!!!


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