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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


It has been a very exciting week end at my house...packing for the retreat...trying to remember everything that I need, or might need...the suitcase grows heavier and heavier. Life is wonderful...can't wait for Monday morning...a road trip to creativity with friends.....Whoa !

What's wrong with this rosy picture...life doesn't work this way, right?

Right...our septic tank (less than 7 years old) decides to erupt into the sunshine and cast its smell upon the back yard earth. (You've heard the expression bubbling crude? ) It was just flushed out 2 months ago in its 5 year "doctor check up" visit. Now it appears that it would like to cease living as a Septic and wishes to change its name to SEWER... a name changes that add up to about $6000+ in fees. Of course it has the upperhand...we and our toilets, sinks,dishwasher and washing machine are held hostage by its demands, and might I add smells. Even our fresh salt water air can't hide this smell.

They always say, if life gives you lemons make lemonade ...right now I would settle just for the tangy smell of lemons. Needless to say, this little backyard eruption has taken some of the excitement out of my upcoming trip.


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