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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stitching is Done on Lesson 2

Well, I finished stitching except for the head and hair. I am thinking about using the Embellisher to do hair and maybe to paint the face and then stitch it. I am going to put it on the design wall and "think on it" for awhile since lesson three starting tomorrow ...

I probably used to many different colors of floss...but I like color. Plus the piece needed color since I used so much blue and green fabric. I have to admit that the stitching and the frayed edges does make the piece read different than if it was sewn on the sewing machine. The stitching took over three days..off and on...good thing you can still watch TV and hand stitch. Did have a few times where I had to unsew because I sewed the piece to my jeans.

Please excuse picture...my camera is acting ugly and it is a very cloudy day...also there are still some wild threads that need clipping...


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