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Monday, February 04, 2008

Lesson 3 Pamela Allen

The name of the piece....

What Happened to Our Grammy?

This lesson is a two parter...she is really making us work! We had to do a self portrait but had to use designs in the fabric to make the facial features...no realism here! I found that my funky fabric collection made all my facial features look like a clown painting...it was very frustrating. After spending a couple of days playing around with it...I had to glue baste and post on the forum so Pamela could evaluate and make suggestions...after all Part B has to be done and completed by Friday morning.

Here is my first attempt:

After taking photo...she needed something...(yea, I know she needs a real face), so I added a hand...which kinda of balanced her. Pamela feels that we need to allow our subject matter to "fall off" the edges...instead of trying to make everything "fit in" the quilt. I did that with my "Grammy Mermaid's head"...so thought a hand would counter balance her. So here is the new piece with hand.

Will post comments and suggestions made on my piece later after I receive them...now it is off to do part 2.

Got my evaluation...it is so obvious NOW....shoulders aren't wide enough ...check out head in ratio to shoulders...The arm needs to be longer..."ocean" background needs more contrast....and the advice she gave me on the face...really makes the whole piece look not so clown like...am hoping I can do the face justice like she did.She takes our work into photoshop and shows up in a picture along with detailed advice what she is suggesting...here is the picture...

Stay tune for my revisions.


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