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Monday, March 24, 2008

Life Since P. Allen

Have been so lazy...haven't done anything creative within the sewing room. I have taken a two day silk scarf painting class, and a three day watercolor workshop with Terry Madden...so I have been busy. My small Fiber Art Group also gave a talk to our local Art Culutural Association. They saw our February show at the Coastal Branch Library and asked us to speak. We gained 3 new members from the show and one from the talk...so that was exciting.

Have two more online classes coming up...one on using an Embellisher, and one on using water solvy products to create pieces that can be sewn on art quilts. I am really looking forward to them. I also had an experience with an online class that really wasn't what I expected...instead of being a process type class...where you learned the artist's method or technique and then used it to produce a piece of work...they turned into a creative coach..asking you to do things that most of us do on our own anyway. (look at nature, generate ideas from a word, keep a notebook, etc) I really was disappointed, felt that I really didn't get my money's worth...so learned a lesson...always even after reading the class description...ask the teacher more pointed questions...perhaps if I had done this I would have saved myself disappointment and a sum of money. I'm sure she is good at what she does...but for my way of working...the class wasn't what I needed or expected.


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