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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Second Journal - A Sketchbook

Here is our second journal class results. we made a sketchbook that you can add paper too. I made my sketchbook large enough to hold a 12 by 11 piece of watercolor paper. We had to install grommets so that our notebook rings could be added. This was my first adventure using grommets...you can get a lot of frustration out pounding those little things. The cover was raw appliqued first and then I went back with the Embellisher and adding roving, silk scraps and yarns to make the plants with my Babylock Embellisher.

There is a flap on the right side that I will add a a piece of loop and stick tape too (am going to try and paint the tape so that it matches the areas of the sketchbook that it is attached to... here is a picture of the sketchbook with the flap open.

To cover up the note book rings on the left side, I took strips of leftover fabric and pieces of yarn and tied them to the rings to make the ragged scrappy left side of the sketchbook. In Sue's directions she included directions for adding inside pockets to hold pens, colored pencils, markers etc. Since I was afraid adding pockets for bulky items like pencils and pens might mar the watercolor paper ...I skipped the pockets.


At 6:48 AM, Blogger Sue B said...

Ann I love this! What a great cover, those fish are too much fun.


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