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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Full Blown Journal

When I was taking the online journal class with Sue B. I didn't really focus on all the "pretty Fluff" that you could put into your journal...pockets, tags, stamps, altered photos, pretty scrap pages, etc. I focused on the actual technique of making the journals.

This week I decided to make a journal with all the "stuff". I had photos of my youngest grand daughter playing "America's Top Model" trying to look fierce. So I took them into Photoshop and altered them and then saturated the colors. I printed them out to use on my journal cover.

I also had a new book where you use permanent markers and then to break up the markers you spray them with alcohol and it makes them run. So used this technique on the back cover of the journal.

I purchased a yoyo maker from Clover...so decided I would put yarns and yoyos on the spine. After all I need to start using some of the yoyos I have made while watching TV at night.

Here is a photo of the journal spread open so you can see front, the spine and the back.

I made lots of pockets and put tags in them. I used different stamps and yarns to decorate the tags. I also used lots of scrapbook papers to add color to my pages.

The problem now is actually writing in it...I find it really pretty and funky and not sure it I want to mar it up with a bunch of scribble. Silly me!


At 10:31 AM, Blogger Sue B said...

oh my gosh Ann I love it! I love all the colors and patterns and the yo yo's on the spine are too fabulous!


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