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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Biker Discovers Rusty Lady

Just pulled in my first batch of fabrics from the road paving machine that I mentioned in a previous post...they did great. So since today is Sunday and it is early, put out another bunch of fabric. A gentleman riding his bike gave me a long stare but kept pedaling, soon he did a U-turn and pedal back. He didn't say anything but just watched me spreading out my fabric...he laughed and shook his head. Then pedaled off. I went back to the house so I could rinse off my Saturday night pieces and hang them up to dry. Turned around and the gentleman was back...this time with his camera. He took pictures of the fabrics hanging on the line. He asked me what I was going to do with those dirty rags? (Dirty Rags, the man doesn't see beauty.) I explained, he laughed and then rode over and took photos of the new fabrics laying out on the machine. I asked him if he was working for the rust police or the road guys? He told me no, but he did say he had to have pictures cause no one would believe him about some one dying fabric for a quilt on a rusty old flat bed. He then hopped on his bike and disappeared. As long as he doesn't turn me in...let him laugh.


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