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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mermaid Requiring (DEMANDING) Hand Sewing

My double tailed mermaid is requiring or rather demanding lots of hand stitching. I am using torn silk strips from my Goodwill Stash and then sewing them down one at a time with beads. This is not my usual way of embellishment. I have a very fancy machine that has hundreds of fancy stitches...I use them. I like quick. I like easy. The Starbuck mermaid said no way to the machine stitching...she wanted her silken stresses to be beaded and gently guided into place. She is getting her wish. I am working on her nightly as I watch my favorite shows on TV. I have to admit that it is rather relaxing working with the silk and the beads. Here is a wee little close up.


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