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Friday, January 16, 2009

She's Quiet and She's Happy

The Two Tailed mermaid has finally shut up and is quietly smirking...she has all of the beads that she demanded and even has a belly button decoration that even Madonna would crave. (By the way the mermaid is an outie if you have ever wondered.)

My next steps are to block the piece and square it up and then put on the binding. But those things will have to wait till after the 24th. My group, Women on the Fringe, is doing a workshop on Fiber Postcards and ATCS. We are hoping to inspire and create some more Fiber Artists. Our main focus is to introduce them to the art but not over stimulate them with too much. I am finding it hard to limit myself as to what to teach as there are so many techniques and ideas and methods that I want to share...I think we have limited it enough and still have kept the WOW factor. Will post photos and work created by our students in next post.

I even created a blog to announce the workshop.



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