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Monday, February 23, 2009

Mermaid Surprise

The big 65 happens this coming Saturday sort of...I'm really a Leap Year Baby so don't have a true birthday this year. In fact if I really did only count my true birthdays I would only be 16 and a 1/4 year old. But my mirror and my body joints don't recognize true birthdays. anyway the reason for my entry (not begging for birthday greetings) is my hubby gave me my present early. I love mermaids, after all I live at the beach. My gift is a wooden carved old mermaid....I saw her in an antique shop about a year ago...fell in love with her but felt that she was out of my price range. Everytime I went into the store would glance at her and then walk on by. My hubby knew of my mermaid lust ...so he came home with her this morning as my gift for the big 65. So not only do I get Medicare this month...I also get my beloved mermaid.


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