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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bama Story Almost Complete

Bama's "run away hubby" remarried a woman in Alabama and had 3 more children. He and his new wife Mary lived in a small town in Al. and he didn't change his name or even try to hide. I could find no record of a divorce...so perhaps there was never one...he died in 1945. I found a picture of him with a little bit of age on him and he was still sporting that mutache.

I have finished the quilt and I must admit I am really pleased with it...if you didn't know the Bama's story there are parts of the quilt that give you clues. Today I even got directions to follow so that if I got in my car I could actually drive to where her house once stood.

"If you go down the dirt portion of East Point Washington Road off off 395, at the end of the long straight stretch, the trail that goes straight (where lazy people like to dump )...that's the "old Bama Love place." When I was young, there were still kumquat trees in there. J. Love, for whom the creek/bayou that runs in the middle of Bayou Creek Estates (between Ivy Lane and Dick Saltsman Rd) was named, was one of the husbands. I think."

My husband said that maybe I have snooped to deeply into Bama's life...perhaps there are things that would be best not to tell. He may be right...I did have one of the great grand children of John Haney and second wife Mary contact me as he never realized that his Great Grandpa had accidently killed his Great Uncle Bud. He was under the impression that it was a neighbor...and that it had been a fuss over a mule. So I guess after Bama left the area the Haney family drew in, and changed the story to protect John. It appears that after some time, he returned home to the Haney farm with his new wife and kids in tow and lived out his life there. All I know is that it must have been a heavy burden to carry..to have kill your brother and deserted your family all because of an accident...it has crossed my mind that the accident part might have been a cover up too, why run and hide from an accident, perhaps it wasn't that at all.


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