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Monday, April 06, 2009

Bama Update

My Bama Love piece has come together very nicely. In researching her and tracing "her people" I also was able to read her story as others on Ancestry.com shared photos and family stories. I was able to learn about grand parents, cousins, her children, the murder of her father, the murder that her first husband committed on his own brother, the years she changed her name to protect her 5 young children, her second marriage to a younger man, her new skills of raising bees, her life "birthing" babies. It reads like a novel. The more I researched her the more I began to admire her and I wanted to find out more about her. I am sure that there are other women out there in our history that had their own interesting stories. Their stories may never be told so am hoping that my series on Women from Walton County's Past will at least tell the story of my three chosen women. I am in the process of writing up Bama's story so that I can attach it to the back of my quilt. I am also thinking of presenting her story to our local historical group that does plays on the history of Walton County...I really think that The life of Bama Boutwell Haney Love would make a great play. Stay tune for the big unveiling of my Bama quilt.

This was Bama's first husband John H. Haney. she married him when she had just turned 16. He was !8. Love that mustache,don't you?

This is Bama around 26-28. This was taken right after the murder that her husband committed and then ran off to avoid jail. She was left with five young children to care for and to protect from the stigma of what their dad had done. She changed their last name to Havey, packed up and moved from Coffee Al to Point Washington Florida so she could be nearer her family, (dad Joel, Mom Angie and sister Dessia Love.)


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I am really enjoying this story!


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