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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Too Many Haney Kids

Just received this photo and had to share. These are the main parents of the Haney family...they are the ones that traveled by wagon to Al to start homesteading. They cleared the land themselves and endured many hardships. They started the Haney farm. Archie, and Frontie his wife had many many many children...many of them died in childbirth . It was rumored that there was a total of 22 living out of 28 births ....but there is no true documentation for that unless you look closely at the old photo...I think her face tells us that an even dozen would have been enough. It is said that there were no multiple births either.

UPDATE: (April 16th) Not 28 kids.....not 22, but it was 17, with only 6 surviving. Again no documentation just a fellow Ancestry.com researcher relaying their research to me via the Haney Board ...so thought I would post.) She still looks very unhappy to me. At the time of this photo think the party that posted it said she was 52 and her hubby was 54.)


At 4:58 PM, Blogger Vicki W said...

Oh that poor woman! She should have kicked Mr. Haney out of the bedroom!

At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might find that the lack of smile is from two things:
old pictures are often smileless due to the long exposure time of the photo process and at 54 Bama may have been dealing with loss of her teeth.

At 8:04 AM, Blogger Ann Morrell said...

This picture is NOT Bama...it was her great Mother-in -law if there is such a name....and besides not smiling, teethless or not...the lady looks pissed (excuse the word) but it is the only word that seems to fit. If you have been used as a breeding machine for many many years (likely since the age 16) and have had to cook, clean and garden on top of taking care of all of those kids...you would be angry too. Just think of the personal emotional lost she had to endure with the death of each child.


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