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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cloth Paper Scissors DOLL

Did you see the crazy wacky doll pattern in the latest copy of Cloth Paper Scissors? Well I am not a doll maker... but I do love funky looking women...have done a lot of art quilts with funky unique women featured so I just had to try and make this doll. The pieces are long and skinny and very hard to turn. She lost her thumbs in the turning process. If I thought turning the pieces inside out was hard...stuffing them was even harder...and then trying to slip stitch up the holes and still keep the stuffing in was another unique experience. After stuffing you paint her. The paint soaks into your fabric...and it takes for ever to dry. But the finished pieces are wonderful...I see so many different characters. I see adjusting the pattern for different shaped women. There are so many possibilities.

Here is my first effort...still needs a face, her clothing, and her body connected:

My suggestions for the future:
* I would replace the side opening for turning on arms and legs to the top area where they are connected....those side openings are really tough to slipstitch closed and keep the stuffing from hanging out.
* I would paint with gesso before adding a paint cover...less soaking in of paint. (I am also thinking why not use the fabric the color you want the doll in the first place?)

She is a real cutie...so I recommend if you get the issue try it...you may become hooked.


At 4:47 PM, Blogger Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Your doll shape is so cute! Can't wait to see how she turns out.


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