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Sunday, March 07, 2010


I haven't blogged because the kitchen remodel became so stressful that I really had nothing "pleasant" to say. It was like one problem after another. The tile on the counters was removed without problems other than a lot of mess, dust, and folks going in and out carrying cans of broken tile counter. The backsplash was a whole different matter...it came off in small chunks which were also attached to big chunks of wall. When done...I could see the area in between the studs...It was very depressing. We then had to have new drywall installed...then we were ready for the glass tile. It seemed to be going nicely...note the words "it seemed". The glass tiles that I chose because of the odd sizes do not like to go around corners. I was only told this when the first corner came up. The poor tile man...said the tile consulant should have mentioned that...I called her and was told she didn't say anything because she thought I should know that. I asked her to pull out my kitchen drawings and look at it and tell me if she noticed anything...yes she did, there were three corners...she still tried to throw the problem in my corner...I then lost it and asked what the word consulant mean...did it have anything to do with the word advice?
Anyway after much debate she agreed that this tile would be a "problem" to install around a corner but it could be done. She talked with the tile guy, and all he did was nod. I think she told him not to say anything outloud because she knew I was listening. The poor guy had to piece little pieces of tile one at a time around the corners...sometimes a small 1 inch tile had to be cut, it took him 15 extra hours of work time to do the corners. The tile company paid for the extra tiles and his time. The job is not perfect...but it doesn't look imperfect...all in all it turned out great. I felt sorry for my tile guy, because this job backed him up on another job...and he even had to pass on another job.

So here is a warning...same size glass tiles are great for going around corners...odd size glass tiles do not like corners .

The job is over and I LOVE MY NEW KITCHEN!!!!!!


At 5:42 PM, Blogger Patty Ashworth said...

We are in the middle of a remodel. Well, I think it's the middle. No kitchen, diningroom, livingroom, hallway, the stairs are straightened out, and the sewing room is torn out!!!! UGH. So I can relate to what you have been through. The sheetrock was removed to find that there was hardly any insulation. So we have that now, and sheetrock. The mudder is here this weekend and should be done by the end of tuesday. A young guy who is working weekends and evenings to make ends meet. I'm hoping that I'll have my house back by the end of June... and then there is down the hallway and the bedrooms... I will need a break before that goes under construction.


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