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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Have Been Missing In Action

Have been so busy with political stuff that has hit our small beach front community...first they tried to take away our right to drive on the beach, then they wanted to turn one of our streets into a one way, then they wanted to put in a handicap ramp right next to our present ramp that leads down to the beach. The last straw was to change the name of our state park that surrounds our beach community that we share our name with. I am happy to report that we won all battles. I spoke to government officials, wrote letters and made numerous telephone calls. I am a late blooming radical Granny.

I have been busy this last month making the award ribbons for our big art show that will take place during Mother's Day week-end. It is called Arts Quest. They wanted Fiber Art Ribbons so I agreed to make them. It has been a bigger project than I had expected as I had to make 26 ribbons with rosettes. I only have 2 more to go. I am getting paid so am planning to use my $$$ on a new Ipad. I love gadgets. Will be able to post photos of my ribbons after the Show.



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