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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Ribbons, New Project, and My Trash

What a thrill this morning to wake up and find that the ArtsQuest flyer in the Sun paper had a big photo of my ribbons and a nice article about me. I just hope that those receiving the ribbons enjoy them. I put a little bit of me into each one.

I am now mentally designing another piece...I came across the following words:

Excellent Women- want to know one- want to raise one- want to be one

Since I had two wonderful grandmothers in my life, had an amazing Mom, a fantastic daughter and two unbelievable grand daughters..I see an art quilt in the making. I am mulling it over in my head .

Right now, my focus is in cleaning up, "and out" my sewing room. It seems to be growing smaller every day...but it really ism't, it is the stuff that I am bring into it that is making it smaller and smaller...recycled clothing, odds and ends, scraps I can't throw away, paint, beads, brushes, etc. The problem with my "get rid of it stuff" is finding a person who really wants it, because it is much too valuable to throw away or just give to anyone. I need to find the right people who will get excited about a box of buttons, or a bag of bottle caps, or a laundry basket with scraps less than 5 inches in size. My youngest grand daughter once said, "Grammy you don't need a garbage can in here cause you don't throw away anything."


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