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Sunday, August 27, 2006

V.D. Annie doing Her No Hurricane Dance

Florida doesn't need anymore hurricanes....so thought I would get VooDoo Annie posted so she could dance away the hurricane.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Blame it on the Shelf Unit

It all started with a new shelf unit...my hubby agreed to built me one for the living room with shuttered doors so that all the books and magazines wouldn't show....that left the old shelf unit...what to do with it? It was all wood. It had adjustable shelves....hmmmm. I could move it to my sewing room (upstairs) and really organize all my boxes of stuff. The unit was too wide to make the turn in the staircase...three grown men told me that...so I had to believe them. So my hubby agreed to cut it down and make it the right size to go up the stairs. This was easier said than done. After a half a day of prying glued together boards a part...and then nailing them back...the shelf unit was ready to go again...but this time it had to go up two flights of stairs as it had been taken down to the workshop to be ripped apart. Different staircases...different bends...lots of grunting, a few bad words thrown in...but the unit now resides in my sewing room. It doesn't hold everything, but it does hold a lot. It's arrival meant I needed to reorganize the sewing room....which meant I needed to throw away clutter...if I haven't needed it in three years...then I am not likely to need it now. Sounds sane, right? But with postcards you never know, maybe Julie will have an all rickrack card....or one that features elastic for panties, or maybe those tissue patterns could be altered with a little Shiva. Could those dried up glue sticks and markers have another purpose? Don't worry...I have a big black bag in there and it is filling up ...I am discarding and I am labeling...I am proud of my efforts. The shelf unit looks great...the rest of the sewing studio looks like a bomb went off in there....but it will be nice when finished. So must admit I haven't gotten to my portrait piece...but I do have an excuse...it was the shelf unit's fault.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

With This Postcard

With this postcard ...I am finally finished with all my swaps through the month of September...I have promised myself that I will stay away from Advanced Postcards' Database until Julie puts up Witches.... I do love witches. Now that I have time...am going to clean up my sewing room...put up the paints and sequins and beads and focus on my portrait quilt...a class I took at Quilt University but had to put on hold while the grand kids were here....it will be nice to get back to BIG stuff for awhile. So with that written...here is my KING OF HEARTS that will soon meet his Queen of Diamonds and that crazy Joker.

He started off as a mosaic tile I found on the web and I did a little computer manipulation and then printed it out on silk. Then I hand painted with some new watercolor paints called H20 Sparkles. The face is what caught my attention on the tile as I surfed through the web trying to get an idea for my King.