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Monday, March 27, 2006

This Week's Journey

This week I am going to finish up my piece from my online Joggle class. Have been so busy doing postcards that I didn't do all of my homework....in fact all I have done, and I hope Susan our teacher doesn't read my blog, is the cutting and sewing of the background piece. If in real school am sure that this oversight on my part would have gotten me a few detentions, but thanks to the internet online classes we can work through the lessons at our own pace. And my pace is S----L----O-----W!

Also some food for thought: Why is it that life doesn't play fair, and our good friends have to move away, at my old age, remember I get my first SS check at the end of next month, good friends are a true blessing and it is a real lost both physically and mentally to see one of them move away...enough of my food for thought.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Postcard Swapping Disappointment

I know that I should keep my mouth shut and my fingers off the keyboard...but must admit that I have been disappointed with my fabric postcard swaps. When I signed up for my three swaps...I signed up with the intentions of making the best postcards I could. I wanted each to be an individual piece of art, and I wanted to make cards that I would be happy to receive and be excited to display. I have found that for the most part, many fellow participants don't feel the same way...their cards are made in mass, made quickly, and are just that a quickly made postcard. I have also found that there are others in the exchange that joined thinking the same way that I do...their little mini pieces of art are wonderful....and when they arrive, are received with eagerness on my part, and are put out for my friends to view and enjoy.

Needless to say, my postcard swapping days are over after I finish these three swaps. I learned a lot, got to try a lot of techniques, and improved my free motion quilting skills...so the time spent on each postcard was not wasted. I created 35 individual postcards, and will have spent over $20 in postage, but most important I learned that postcard swaps are not for me.

Here are my second batch ready to go out after a quick visit to the postoffice to get stamped!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Abstract with Embellishment Exchange

Have finished my Abstract Swap that is due on April 4th. Had lots of fun using my Babylock Embellisher to "smash" fabric and yarn. I call it my Polka Dot Series...the background fabric is small white polka dots on the fabric, hince the name Polka Dot series.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Weekend of Postcards

Since I am involved in three postcard swaps have been busy this weekend creating cards. These cards are a lot of fun...but with 37 to trade...I am beginning to get a little tired of them. I am trying very hard to make each card special...my goal is to make and send a card that I would want to receive. Must admit my free motion quilting has improved at least 60%...my beading skills have improved...also learned you must use beading thread DOUBLED!

Friday, March 10, 2006

The New Guy(S) in my Life

I am in love again! Old women do this quite often. Now I haven't fallen out of LOVE with Mr. Bo...but my friend introduced me to a "new guy on the market" and I fell hard...really hard!
My husband likes the new guy but thinks he is lousy with COLOR...but he is only a wood worker and not an art quilter...so one has to forgive him for his lack of understanding when it comes to color.
The new guy's name is Croc...but he answers to CROCS...he really knows how to treat an old lady......especially her feet!
If he is ever in your neighborhood, take him up on his offer and let him sweep you off your feet! You will be in love too.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Saturday Trip to Pensacola

Last Saturday my friend Pam and I went to Pensacola Florida to see the local guild's quilt show and to do a little shopping. The show was a nice one but because my interests have changed over the years I was disappointed that more Art Quilts were not represented. Also the Vendors were small in number and for the most part were selling fabric...A few years ago this would have pulled me in...But now I am in to threads, beads, and other nifty types of trims. After visiting two bead shops that were so-so, (not that I am an expert on bead shops)..We went to a big JoAnn's, and a Hobby Lobby. We also went to a pharmacy believe it is called A&E, and it had tons of fabric, trims, beads and craft supplies.... All right next door to the medicines, shavers and make-up. I loved it!

I came home only with a small bag of beads...No fabric, but did touch and feel nearly every fancy fabric bolt in JoAnns. It was a fun trip...Traveling with my friend Pam is always a good trip.