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Friday, August 15, 2008


At this time at Grayton, sea turtles are coming ashore and laying their eggs on our beautiful white sand. Of course this is a big tourist season also...so the turtles have to deal with beach chairs, tents, and sand castles with large moats that have been left on the beach overnight. We put up signs, we stop and talk with them, we ask them to take their items with them at the end of the day. Unfortunately, many times our pleas are ignored. So many times an early morning walk shows where a turtle came ashore and was unable to get to the dunes because of "beach trash", and turned around and went back into the Gulf.

I started thinking about the turtles situation, and soon had a turtle quilt running through my mind. I built it in my head while my grand daughters were with me. Since I didn't have time to hang out in the studio, I played with my idea on paper, and also went to sleep at night thinking about my piece. I pulled materials from my "Goodwill" Stash and as soon as the girls left ...started working on the piece.