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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Paint that Rust

I have been experimenting with a rust paint that is used in faux painting. The paint actually has iron flakes in it that causes a rust type action. It is designed for paper, wood, paper mache and walls. I thought I would try it on fabric. If you remember I was trying to control the rusting so I could actually make shapes or designs I wanted. It didn't take me long to figure that was a bomb...rust does its own thing.

But the paint is thick, very thick...you can stamp with it, you can paint with it and you can use it with stencils...there is a spray that goes with it that helps to speed the rusting process. The paint itself is very dark...almost a chocolate brown and with time and the spray it starts to turn rusty ...a kind of orange-brown look. After it gets to the color I want I will wash it and hopefully it will not wash out. After I get enough samples will photo and post.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Biker Discovers Rusty Lady

Just pulled in my first batch of fabrics from the road paving machine that I mentioned in a previous post...they did great. So since today is Sunday and it is early, put out another bunch of fabric. A gentleman riding his bike gave me a long stare but kept pedaling, soon he did a U-turn and pedal back. He didn't say anything but just watched me spreading out my fabric...he laughed and shook his head. Then pedaled off. I went back to the house so I could rinse off my Saturday night pieces and hang them up to dry. Turned around and the gentleman was back...this time with his camera. He took pictures of the fabrics hanging on the line. He asked me what I was going to do with those dirty rags? (Dirty Rags, the man doesn't see beauty.) I explained, he laughed and then rode over and took photos of the new fabrics laying out on the machine. I asked him if he was working for the rust police or the road guys? He told me no, but he did say he had to have pictures cause no one would believe him about some one dying fabric for a quilt on a rusty old flat bed. He then hopped on his bike and disappeared. As long as he doesn't turn me in...let him laugh.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Borrowing a little Rust

I'm hiding out...don't want to get caught! I'm borrowing rust from the county road crew's equipment that is parked in my neighborhood. They are getting ready to repave some of our streets in my small neighborhood. Their trucks and platform riggs are very rusty. So this evening I decided to borrow a little rust...my fabrics are draped all over their platforms. Since they won't be back to work until Monday morning...I should be able to get a lot of borrowing done. I fiqure that if I am clever and work after 5PM and remove before 7AM all next week...I should be able to borrow several yards of rust. Wish me luck in not getting caught. I wonder if you could be locked up for borrowing (stealing) rust?

Friday, October 24, 2008

RUST TEX - Lois Jarvis

If you like rusting fabric, or just want to try it check out:

http://rust-tex.blogspot.com/ a blog by the rust lady herself, Lois Jarvis .

I was unable to harness my rust fabric....she on the other hand has learned to control it. I am eagerly awaiting her CD....I want to rust the background fabric so it will look like waves and a sandy beach....then the whole piece will be one big rusty art quilt.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Building a Rusty Crusty Old Woman

I am ready to introduce my old, rusty, crusty, happy to be here, almost 65 year old woman. I'll introduce her to you piece by piece.

Now I need to decide on my background, do some fusing and threadpainting...let the fun begin.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rusty Old Woman Progress

My rusty old nude woman mentioned in a previous entry is coming alive right in front me...rusty fabric makes great skin. (Wish 65 year old skin could look as good.) I am taking photos of the process in creating her and will share them in an entry as soon as I can. Plan to do it in a step by step process so you can see her emerge from the rust. My hubby is concerned that I have made the boobs too big and that her nipples will be the focus of the piece...as of now, I haven't listened to his comments or made changes, as I think I know more about a 65 year old woman's droopy boobs than he does. I had a good (and original) source to do my pattern from.
I do love rusty fabric...you have both sides that can be used as each side takes on its own rusty formation. I am saving all my scraps as I am sure that I will be able to use them in a new project. So stay tune for the unveiling of the Rusty Old Woman...am hoping that by the week end she will be ready to be fused and then the sewing can begin.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sue B has been keeping us busy with her journal lessons. They are so much fun to make because you can make your own mark on them. You have an original journal that relates to your colors, your taste, your needs...it is YOUR JOURNAL.

The above journal has three signatures and three envelopes that hold your treasurers.

Another Journal

Monday, October 13, 2008

Rust is like a Cat

Update: Rusting fabric with pre-conceived designs does not work. Rust does its own thing..it runs, it moves, it takes, it doesn't take...it is like trying to work with a cat...it runs you and not the other way around. The rust, like the cat is in charge. My "controling rust" idea in previous post sounded good but it was a no go...but I did get another wonderful batch of rusty fabrics for my woman piece. Here are some close ups of my "controlled" rusting attempts:

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Rusty Old Fabric and Old Women

I have been experimenting with rusting fabric. I have a new piece forming in my mind of a woman that is done in various shades of rusty colored fabric. As the big 65 birthday approaches more of my joints are beginning to complain upon getting up in the morning. Knees creak, elbows ache, and my back lets me know that it isn't as flexible as it use to be. I want to make a rusty old, plump woman, get it?

I didn't have many rusty pieces to work with.... a wheelbarrow, a few nails and a few
washers and a rusty rack. I jumped the water bit and used straight vinegar for soaking my fabric...since I was limited with items I kept twisting fabric and moving it around to get various sections of my fabric to collect the rust. It was a fairly slow process but it was working.Then my husband brought home a pack of course steel wool...I unwrapped the steel wool pad...spread it out and then put it between two piece of soaked fabric.
Covered it with plastic and placed a weight over it....boom I had rusted fabric...two for one...the more steel wool I used the heavier the rust...I just kept moving the rusty falling a part steel wool from one piece of fabric to another. I was on a roll. I soon only had a few strands...so got another pad. Today I plan to experiment... am thinking that I can form shapes with the unwrapped steel wool and then press it between fabric and get some rusty free form patterns. I have some Pepsi plastic bottle caps...am going to stuff them with steel wool and see if I can get dots, in fact my brain is going 100 miles per minute with different ideas. Here are a few close ups of my pieces of my fabric with steel wool....watch for my experimentation pieces later.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Another Journal with Sue B.

Lesson 2 Journal was a real challenge....coptic stitching. Sue B. tells us this is the hardest journal and encouraged us not to give up with the stitching. She gave excellent directions along with pictures...but I needed a "moving" picture...so went on line and found this

This journal had hard covers and was covered in paper and not fabric. I am planning on doing a second journal before Lesson 3 comes out, as my first book had some looseness that bothered me. Coptic stitching is not easy!!!!! Here are some photos of my journal: