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Monday, June 26, 2006

Rufus Came For Dinner and STAYED

A small little kitten was dumped at the beach...Vet said he was about 7 weeks old...he was covered in fleas and was hanging around a vacant house hunting for food....he wouldn't let me get near him but did eat the food that I left. One of the local Cat agencies loaned me a trap and I was able to capture him and take him to the vet....since he was so young he couldn't be fixed...and he needed a week's worth of medicine to correct some intestinal problems....he has now been with us three weeks...we couldn't get anyone to adopt him....so he decided to adopt us....he is a mess...he can get into everything and runs at a gallop...it is like having a young child in the house...I find myself saying No a lot.... I don't believe in removing claws...but this guy is really attacking the furniture and ignoring the scratching post....am hoping this will improve over time because I can't let him destroy my furniture no matter how cute he is.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Greeley's Demo On How To Make a Postcard

Greeley is my youngest grand daughter and she also made a special postcard for a new friend in Belgium. She decided on a flamingo....after all they are a famous Florida bird. First she had to paint her fabric using watercolor crayons and stamps. Then she drew her flamingo and painted it and then outlined it in black. A job well done....

.....but now Greeley had to do the back. A few stamps, a little paint and a few stickers and the back looks as good as the front.
Then we need to do the sewing. Greeley does the "driving" and her Grammy does the "petal." The results ..... a beautiful back and a beautiful front..... a postcard to be proud of! Now it is ready to be mailed off to Belgium to a new friend.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Postcard Making Steps with Camille (10 years old)

First you must choose a pattern or a plan. I chose the dragon on my shorts. The person I am making the card for really likes oriental things as I checked out her blog. Then you need to draw your design and make sure that it will fit on a 4 by 6 inch card.
Then comes the fun part coloring it in. I used colored pencils as I had lots of detail in my dragon. Then I outlined it with a fine line marker. After it was dry we put sealant on it so that the colored pencils wouldn't rub off. Then using watercolor crayons I painted the background of the card. The sealant on the colored pencils helped to keep the watercolor from running.
The back of the card has to be decorated too, I used gold paint and looked up the Chinese word for Dragon.
Next comes the sewing we use a little Wonder Under to hold the two parts of the card together while I stitched. It isn't easy sewing straight. After you finish sewing, you cut any loose threads and then you are ready to stamp it and address it and sending it off.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Greeley the SWAPPER

Greeley got an invitation from Pam Rappaport to do a card swap with her. After looking at Miss Pam's blog, Greeley decided that she would really like to swap with her. She worked very hard on her card. In fact it turned out so well, her Grammy wanted to keep it for herself...but Greeley insisted that it was for Miss Pam. She drew the turtle and the mermaid, she colored with colored pencils, then painted the background with water color crayons, and then used two fish stamps. She added sand some plants and of course a little glitter, what card would be complete without a little glitter.