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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Have watched my thirteen year old grand daughter with her Iphone...it does about everything...it even has a flashlight! I have never been a cell phone person....I have survived with a 6 year old cell phone that stays in the car and is only used for emergencies. It isn't even turned on in the car as I would never try to answer it while I am trying to drive. (NO chance of that as no one has my number, not even me... have it written down on a card that is in my wallet. So if it ever did ring it would be a wrong number.) I can't even remember the last time I received a call on it, (in fact I don't think I have) I am not even sure if I would even know how to answer it. It has been a long time. Most of the time I forget to even hit the SEND button when I do try to make a call.

So what am I getting at you ask? I love gadgets, I love technology, and after playing with my grand daughter's Iphone....I just had to have one. Did I tell you it plays music too? It even can take pictures. I had a 43 year Wedding Anniversary this month...so I treated myself to one. I am going to join the modern world....I am going to pass out my cell number...I am going to keep the phone on...will not answer when driving...but this phone can take messages for me and then will read them back to me. This Iphone wasn't on my "BUCKET LIST" of things to do or things I wanted, so I added it, so I could cross it off my list. Pretty Smart for a 65 year old oldie, hun?

Anyway, now I have to wait for it to become available...you would know that I would choose a hot new phone that just hit the market and is in big demand. I am now on another list.... a waiting list...will be called when my name comes up. Hope it is soon.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

43 Years of Wedding Bliss

Today marks 43 years of marriage for me.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Grand Daughters

My grand daughters have been gracing my blog for the last 4 and 1/2 years...they are now 13 and 9...so grown up and in my humble opinion so beautiful both to the eye but also in the heart.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Camille and Greeley Make 4

It has been a busy couple of weeks getting use to having two new folks in the house. My hubby and I usually just do our own thing...eat when we want, go out when we want, take naps as we choose etc. But having guests we have had to adapt our plain old age lifestyle...I plan meals as well as plan days. It is kinda of nice...I know that the morning are mine as the girls are late sleepers...during the day we are either beaching it or pooling it...in the evenings after watching TV, I go to bed and they stay up to check on friends via computer or their iPhone. They run the cartoon channel all the time...am not sure that they are watching it but do believe they like the noise that it provides. My oldest grand daughter introduced me to video chat via computer... sounds like fun...but it does really look scary...you see yourself in all of your old age glory and if your hair is messy...it shows...in order to improve the look you need to push the computer back a little so your head is smaller...less flaws...but then you have to worry about what is in the background...so along with the fun comes pre-preparation for a talk...think that old fashion phone still has a place in my life. Every year the girls are easier to entertain and more enjoyable. I dread the time when they start giving me excuses why they don't want to come to Grammy's house...I have made it clear to both of them that there will not be any hurt feelings on my part when life at home is just too exciting or too involved to come spend a summer month with me.
Usually both of them are agreeable to having their pictures taken ...this year a zit on a cheek or a bad hair day has them telling me no way ....so as of now I have no pictures to post.
I am going to silk screen some fabric this coming week am hoping that the process might draw them in and get them to play with me...then perhaps the camera can come out.