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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We Are Connected

I am now connected to a sewer...can flush, wash, and bath.

Joy! Joy! Joy!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Packing UP and HEADING OUT

Today is a close out day...we will be doing a show and tell in afternoon and then all of us will be departing for home tomorrow. Today I tried to shove everything back into my large rolling suitcase (it arrived at least 25% empty...it will not zipper up...must have added a few items over my 25% plan. Have learned the hard way, not to take an old sewing machine to retreat...it gets even with you for being under the counter for over a year and ignored...if you are going to sew bring the one you sew on. We learned to make screens using a Thermofax machine....now I want one. They aren't made anymore (isn't that always the way with things we want) ...we use to have three in my elementary school if only I had known then what I know now, ...used them before we got copier machines...they were the ones that left your hands and fingers purple...they are alo used by tattoo artist now days...perhaps I will need to cozy up to a tattoo parlour owner...if anyone knows where I might find one ( Machine not parlour) without having to sell my youngest grand child...please let me know.

I want to purchase dye, soy wax, and silk paint now too...retreats can be both eye opening and very expensive. Did I tell you I found a Janome 1600P machine that I really want....Have met some wonderful folks...seen some incredible work and am already looking forward to next year...also looking forward to going home and sleeping in my own bed....along with my pal Rufus.

Look for pictures and all later on in week.

Friday, March 16, 2007

So Much Going On

There is a wet studio...where folks are dying fabric, painting fabric and felting. The folks that are dying fabric are coming up with some brilliant colors...then there are some who are using a product called soy wax to draw on the fabric and then add color. The felters are creating big pieces of felt, some felt sculpture (faces and the like)...they are a really friendly bunch. Their bins of material are to "dye" for...roving of all colors and weaves. Stuff is hanging on the walls and the railings..it really looks neat. I am taking pictures but this computer will not allow uploaded pictures.

In the felt dyeing room ...there are big pots of hot water going and loads of white felt that is being turned into beautiful shades...many of them going from dark to light. The wall has pieces hanging all over the place. After drying they take the pieces over to these neat little cutters (I want one) where they run the felt through and it comes out in little "strings" ....perfect for embellishment on a quilt. I go around after supper picking up scraps off the floor. These little machines are very expensive and it seems that every rug hooker has one on their table.

Then there is the dance studio that has been turned int the sewing room and the hooking (rug) room...fabrics, yarns, and threads all over the place. Must have at least 25,000 dollars worth of sewing machines in this room...all kinds...the rug hookers have big stands set up where they have their pieces stretched so that they can hook. They can talk, sip on wine and all their stitches are the same. They even have their own magazines like we do ...a very interesting group of folks.

A local Janome dealer dropped off two Embellishers for folks to play with yesterday...she should have stayed and given lessons because by this morning both had broken needles. I changed them out but am not sure how long they will last....one lady was embellishing over her straight pins that was holding stuff down....when I tried to explain that you didn't do that...she said she had been doing that with her sewing machine for years and dismissed me as a no nothing.

Have been to two bead stores...Pam loves beads so I just go along to keep her company...and then come out with small little bags worth a lot of money...there are so many colors and sizes of beads and they add up so fast.

Have enjoyed learning and watching (rather spying) on the big name artist that are here...I try to act busy but know that they know my beady little eyes are watching everything that they do. They are so generous with their knowledge and their stuff...I think that has been the best part of the whole retreat.

Will check in tomorrow....we leave for home Monday morning...Pam has promised another bead shop on the way home....mind you it is only to help break up the trip. (grin)

Thursday, March 15, 2007


There are about 40 folks from around the country here at the retreat. I am sitting between the lady from Australia who teaches for Janome and my idol Pamela Allen from Canda. Both ladies are a joy to watch....then we have Rosemary in the dye room painting her shrim and organza that you see in the Quilting Art Magazine...we have folks felting...we have rug hookers, we have silk screen/batik painters, we have full cloth painters, we have quilters, we have folks with Embellishers...and then we have folks like me...running around with their mouths hanging open...some drool, in awe of everything. Next year the date will be during April when they have their quilt Art exhibit here. The food is great...the cabins are really nice...no phone and no television...so am having a little soap opera and American Idol and Survivor withdrawal. I am usually fast asleep by 9 here...this is eastern time and I am an old Central Time Gal myself. (so that is late for me) When I get some of the photos on the laptop computer will post....the video will have to wait...as these are older slower machines. I just wish all of you could be here!.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Out of the Gate 7 AM on Monday

The car is packed..and there is still room for the three of us to sit. We pull out at 7AM sharp tomorrow morning headed to our Fabric Art retreat. we will be able to enjoy 7 days of play, creating and having fun. There will be no telephones, no television and no cooking duties. as there will be a cook on duty! We will paint and dye fabric, print fabric, bead fabric and sew....we all hope to come back next Tuesday...refreshed and full of new ideas. Will try to blog nightly to share what is going on....as they are supposed to have wireless internet.So keep in touch.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Things Are Looking Up

You know when things start going south and you start feeling the stress...Friends always step up. I am very blessed in the friend department. With my septic tank acting up and then dying so he can become a "sewer", getting ready to depart for a retreat, family coming in for Spring Break...and loads of laundry to do...but unable to use washing machine...and no coin operated laundries in the area....I was offered washing machines all over Grayton....I had towels going at one place, sheets at another and retreat clothing at a third. Two families who will not be in their homes next week...have offered not only their bathrooms to me ....but their beds for my company. I can now attend my retreat and not worry thanks to my friends.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


It has been a very exciting week end at my house...packing for the retreat...trying to remember everything that I need, or might need...the suitcase grows heavier and heavier. Life is wonderful...can't wait for Monday morning...a road trip to creativity with friends.....Whoa !

What's wrong with this rosy picture...life doesn't work this way, right?

Right...our septic tank (less than 7 years old) decides to erupt into the sunshine and cast its smell upon the back yard earth. (You've heard the expression bubbling crude? ) It was just flushed out 2 months ago in its 5 year "doctor check up" visit. Now it appears that it would like to cease living as a Septic and wishes to change its name to SEWER... a name changes that add up to about $6000+ in fees. Of course it has the upperhand...we and our toilets, sinks,dishwasher and washing machine are held hostage by its demands, and might I add smells. Even our fresh salt water air can't hide this smell.

They always say, if life gives you lemons make lemonade ...right now I would settle just for the tangy smell of lemons. Needless to say, this little backyard eruption has taken some of the excitement out of my upcoming trip.