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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Odds and Ins

Got my car and love it. Starting it up with a push button is different and turning it off by pushing two buttons is different. Looking into a camera when backing up is really different. But even I, an ancient ole Grammy have mastered the new technology of a Prius!

It has been so muggy here in Florida that I haven't felt like doing very much...you go outside and within minutes you are dripping wet...the poor AC runs continually in the house...it is really hot. Have been keeping our fingers crossed...no storms or hurricanes please. August and September are the months we are usually in danger in Florida.

I dyed some fabric ( first time) with some friends....I went over board with color...my stuff dates me...it looks like tie-dye gone wild...but I really had fun. Not sure I would ever want to invest in all of the stuff so that I could dye on my own...I find it easier just to paint the piece of fabric that I need.

Have been watching Big Brother...am constantly amazed at how people can manipulate others..when they are locked up together. These people on the outside wouldn't pull a second glance from me (maybe Evil Dick would)....but I am so caught up in their locked up world...that it makes me kinda of angry at myself for being sucked in.

As you can see nothing much happening with me...hopefully I will get creative soon and have something to show and to really journal about. Until then....signing out!