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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Beading 2009

I've watched my fellow WOTF members do beautiful beaded work on their quilts. I've tagged along with them when they visited bead shops...I purchased packs of beads that caught my attention and then packed them into cute little plastic bags and tucked them away in a drawer for future use. The "future use" never came to past...I just didn't have the patience or the skills to sew beads (by hand) on a quilt. I purchased the bead books and looked at them...saying one day I'll try these techniques...but I didn't. But then the two tailed mermaid happened...her tails said "BEAD ME." She has been really demanding and pushy throughout the whole creative process!

I got out the beads and threaded a needle and tried to catch a bead on the end of the needle...the beads started jumping and hopping and rolling...it was almost impossible to corner them and keep them on the dish and off the floor....frustration 1. Then after I got three beads on the needle (finally) they wouldn't slide over the needle head or if they did...the one in the middle got stuck....frustration 2. I was beginning to understand why I didn't do beading...but I kept trying, and finally got a row sewed on one of the mermaid's tail. It really looked good, a little crooked, a little wavy, but it did add a lot to the tail. It was then and there that I decided that the year 2009 was going to be the year I learn to bead on fabric. As you can see it doesn't take much to get me pumped up.

I emailed my two favorite beaders for help...Mary Kaye put a bead mat in the mail for me...I got it the next day...the beads don't roll, they don't jump and they are easy to catch...what a clever idea. Frustration 1 solved. I then took a little trip to Michael's and found out that they have special needles for beading...thin little things and also thread for beading...I got both. Frustration 2 solved. I also got a couple of plastic boxes to put my beads in so I didn't have to work out of little plastic bags. I was now an official BEADER with organized beads ...ready to bead and embellish.

So, my art quilting goal for 2009...use beads in my fiber art....lots of beads. Now I've said it...now it is official...beading is my goal.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mermaid Requiring (DEMANDING) Hand Sewing

My double tailed mermaid is requiring or rather demanding lots of hand stitching. I am using torn silk strips from my Goodwill Stash and then sewing them down one at a time with beads. This is not my usual way of embellishment. I have a very fancy machine that has hundreds of fancy stitches...I use them. I like quick. I like easy. The Starbuck mermaid said no way to the machine stitching...she wanted her silken stresses to be beaded and gently guided into place. She is getting her wish. I am working on her nightly as I watch my favorite shows on TV. I have to admit that it is rather relaxing working with the silk and the beads. Here is a wee little close up.